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“At Midland Bull Test, we focus on performance testing of eight different breeds of bulls.  Feed conversion is the key to profitability in today’s inflated environment, and VitaFerm with the Amaferm advantage in our high-roughage diet, allows us to have some of the most competitive conversions and costs-of-gain in the industry.”



Leo McDonnell, Midland Bull Test | Montana


“We converted all our cows to VitaFerm a few years ago.  Since then, conception rates have increased, our cows are more problem free, and they maintain a better body condition and bloom.  We’re proud to be using VitaFerm.”



Bill Davis, Rolling Rock Angus | Montana


“Since we stared using Digest More, overall herd health and milk production has increased while digestive problems are gone. In the past everytime we switched feed stuffs milk production would go down. Not this time, it went up! My neighbor calls it Vet in a bag.”



Wayne Houdek, Houdek Dairy | Minnesota


"We returned to AI-ing 10 years ago and we never dreamed of the success we found with including Amaferm. Eighty-four percent of our cows will calve in 47 days next year, mostly to AI. We used CIDRs, and then they went to pasture.  If they didn’t catch AI, they did on the very next cycle.  We settled 83% of the purebred cowherd and 92% of the heifers with first-time AI.  We have increased our success 20% in the two years we’ve been using VitaFerm Concept-Aid.”



Paul, Lori & Kelsey Vandeberghe, Flying V Angus | North Dakota


“Out of the 168 cows bred last year, only two were open and I pulled the bulls in August.  My cows look good even though they seem to eat less.  The calves look great on sale day.  I think feeding VitaFerm mineral has a lot to do with it.  I quit using any of the recommended products for bloat since I started feeding VitaFerm.”


Rod Schatz | North Dakota


“A few years ago, I ran my own test and the VitaFerm cattle clearly out-performed the others.  When I switched to a cow calf operation, I stayed with VitaFerm.  We do a lot of embryo work and I am very satisfied with my flushes and the conception rates.  My cattle stay healthy and I have very few problems."


Albert Thorne, AW Thorne Land & Cattle | Oklahoma


“We’ve used the product for three years and we’ve seen an improvement in the efficiency of our bulls.  Our area has significant molybdenum, which ties up the phosphorus, zinc and copper.  Amaferm seems to correct this problem, reducing fall lameness.  They eat it heartily – it’s doing the job.”



Melvin LeLand, LeLand Red Angus | Montana


"Record high land prices and cash rent have made feed more expensive. VitaFerm makes our feed go farther."


The Wendels | North Dakota


“We buy around 2,000 calves weighing 300 to 400 pounds in the fall and feed a ration of corn silage, wet distillers and ground corn stover with VitaFerm.  Even though last winter was colder than other years, we started selling calves a month earlier at our target weight of 800 to 850 pounds.”  After what I saw last winter, we won’t feed without VitaFerm.


Ron Aberle | North Dakota



"Using a Sure Start System of Vita Charge Drench, VitaFerm Sure Start Pac, and then VitaFerm Feedlot, we see how easily we are able to get these cattle started and get them eating. They're coming up on feed better. I can speak specifically from the data in our own operation that our pull rate is less than 5% and we're looking at less than 1/2% death loss average in two years! These are calves that are only 60% preconditioned, coming from seven different states. It speaks volumes about what we are getting done here nutritionally with VitaFerm in our program."


Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches


“I feed VitaFerm Sure Start Pac at weaning.  It is a good investment for the health and productivity of the calves.  VitaFerm is a natural product that is very important to my cattle operation.”


Dave Tweeten | North Dakota


“”We’re feeding hailed out barley and wheat, along with slough grass, a limited amount of ‘good ‘ hay, mixed with corn silage.  The overall quality just isn’t there, but I am impressed with how my cows on VitaFerm utilize that feed, even the young cows.  I always thought that my cows were picky eaters, but they’re not any more since I’ve been on the VitaFerm program.  They are so contented."



Ron Pelton, Pelton Simmentals | North Dakota



“The VitaFerm Power Keg is the best working supplement that we have ever used.  Even the three year olds looked good after grazing native pasture all winter.”


Steve Mowry, Ma & Pa Angus | South Dakota



2009 World Champion International Buckskin Horse Association


"My horses have more eye appeal and seem more willing and robust without an attitude. I was able to back down on the amount of grain I was feeding. I have been very happy with the overall condition of my horses and foals."


James Wood | Michigan


“Smart Little Dulce didn’t start out looking so smart.  He was said to be allergic to alfalfa and unable to put on weight.  In 5 months on VitaFerm Equine and Amaferm Digest More Dulce gained 500 pounds.  He was able to gain weight without excessive grain feeding and had no problems with colic or founder.  He also shows no signs of allergies.  Muscle tone has increased without being ridden and with only limited turnout.  And he’s much calmer and easier to handle."


Denise Colclasure, Flying C Bar Ranch | Oklahoma


We have a three year old Stake Horse that had to be pulled off the track due to weight loss and digestive upset.  He would only eat two or three bites of grain and picked at his hay.  Being straight off the track you would expect this horse to be “hot” instead we were dealing with an underweight lethargic three year old with a dull hair coat.  We had him on every kind of weight enhancer and digestive product along with giving him with an ulcer treatment.  Nothing seemed to help.  After talking to a friend she told me about the BioZyme products.  We took this guy off all the supplements and fed him grain, hay and VitalizeWithin ten days he was running and playing, even dragging me back and forth from his paddock.  Something you would expect for a horse fresh off the track.  After thirty days of rest and BioZyme Vitalize he is now back into training and will hit the track soon.  Thanks to the Amaferm Quite Acceptable will be in the winner’s circle soon.


Stephanie Shineldecker, Silver Win Farm | Kentucky


All of us in the performance horse world are looking for the edge to keep our horses looking, feeling and performing great.  Vitalize does all of this and more.  My horses look and feel great!!  I have noticed that I can feed less due to the increased utilization of the feed.  When hauling horses all over the country you have to constantly worry about the stress level you are putting your horses under.  Are they going to stay on feed, are they going to show signs of colic, and most importantly are they going to perform?  With Vitalize I do not have to worry.  This product has the gut working so efficiently that my horses are getting the most out of their feed.  No worry about colic or weight loss and the increased stamina is awesome.   Probably the best thing about this product is they can prove through research that it works.  How many supplement companies can say that?  Oh yeah, did I mention that the cost of the Vitalize is extremely affordable.  I actually have lowered my feed bill by using Vitalize.   I believe in taking care of my horses and this stuff works!!!


Justin Davis | Texas


“Vitalize has reduced our feed costs dramatically.  We are feeding half the amount of grain and alfalfa hay as compared to six months ago and increased the utilization of our brome hay.  Our horses look great and we have less colic and tie up issues!  Our horses are our livelihood and they have to always look their best and perform to their full potential.  We are very pleased with Vitalize."


Jennifer Goss & Joe Silbert | Arizona


“We were very pleased with the 20 mares weight gain and hair coat. In addition, their milk production increased when the Amaferm was added. At this point we see nothing negative and all positive.”


Dean Lavy, Gainsborough Farm | Kentucky


“Within two weeks of using VitaFerm Equine, the hair coat appears dark and richer.  After 30 days, it starts to shine as if just brushed.  This is true for all our horses, from broodmares to performance.”


Mike Kavanagh, Kavanagh Quarter & Paint Horses | Missouri


“I have been feeding VitaFerm Ewe & Lamb mineral for about 15 years. I believe the Amaferm in the mineral helps build good rumen bacteria for better digestion as the lambs start on feed.  I have been extremely happy with the product throughout the years and would not change my choice for mineral.”


Jonee Phillips | North Dakota


“I am a real skeptic when it comes to herbs and vitamins solving a problem.  And when Crash started having very little sperm per volume of fluid, I tried worming, antibiotics, etc., which solved nothing.  Even in cooler weather, the sperm count was still down.  Chris at A to Z suggested I try Vitalize Raw Max.  Granted, when Chris told me to do this, I’m thinking ‘Yeah right,’ but I was willing to try anything.  So I purchased the product.  After about 21 days of feeding it, I collected my dog and . . . holy moley what a difference!  Instead of barely tinted fluid it was completely opaque and looked like a major traffic jam of little wigglers under the microscope.  Needless to say, I’m very impressed and must admit that I was proven wrong.”


Adrienne Wilder-Loggins | Georgia